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Web Application Development

We create dynamic and responsive solutions to our customers to give them a push ahead of their competitors. Our knowledge of the various frameworks like Angular.JS, React.JS, Node.JS, Backbone.JS, KnockOut.JS and EXT.JS, and other similar libraries help us keep the work we provide versatile and high-octane and deliver only the best to our treasured customers.

Our JavaScript web development services range from building simple and singular web application features to creating a whole new website from scratch and everything in between. Our expertise lies in the making of online education test, examination & content management systems, digital instructional designs, and e-learning materials.

Fast loading, highly scalable and cross-platform web solutions with customized widgets, function-oriented plugins are the specialties of our capabilities.


As a comprehensive JavaScript web development company,
Edulab group JIEM India works with JavaScript extensively to
deliver a wide range of solutions to the customers and provide
end-to-end services in every matter. Here are some of the core
services we offer when it comes to JavaScript web
development –

1. Website and Portal Development

We learn and understand the specific requirements of the website or web portal you are expecting to build, and we infuse all of that into our work with front end development tools like Angular.JS or React.JS

2. Hybrid Mobile Application Development

We use jQuery Mobile and Vue.JS to develop an eclectic range of mobile web applications for your company. Our expert team of professionals also exploit the benefits of hybrid app development to create applications which have high functionality, lightweight and perform seamlessly across multiple platforms.

3. CMS and Plugins Development

Plugins integration is a crucial part of maintaining a Content Management System. The better and more dynamic the plugins, the higher will be the performance level of the CMS. We integrate robust customized plugins for CMS systems using both basic JavaScript and libraries like Node.JS and React.JS to infuse your Content Management System websites with uniquely tailored themes and plugins.


Our JavaScript web development team comprises of an assortment of coders, programmers, web architects, and JavaScript experts are few of the
pillars which make our dynamic web development services a possibility. Along with JavaScript, expertise in other web technologies like HTML and
CSS is also garnered and encouraged in a parallel manner to facilitate the building of cross-platform websites with multifaceted features.

Over the years of service, our team has repeatedly proved its mettle to be one of the top JavaScript web development companies out there.

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An  ISO 27001:2013  certified co.
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